Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kitchen Nightmares Updates

With the 7th season of Fox's Kitchen Nightmares starting this Friday, April 11th, this blog will be giving updates on all future restaurants that appear on the show.  So be sure to come here to check out the updates for the restaurants that will be appearing on the show.  The updates will have reviews for the restaurants, comments about the restaurants, and other information that will let you know how the restaurants are doing since Gordon Ramsay came to help them out.

Also, I will be putting together a list of which restaurants from previous seasons of Kitchen Nightmares are open or closed.  This list will be kept up to date with all restaurants that have appeared on the show, and will be updated as restaurants close.  That should be finished up this week and I will provide the relevant link to that.  Update - Here is the Link.

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