Friday, August 18, 2017

Is Kitchen Nightmares Returning To Television In A 24-Hour Format?

There is a restaurant makeover show casting right now and the website with information regarding the show is  They are casting for a 24-hour restaurant makeover show with a "world renowned Restauarateur" on a "major network."  Full casting information from the site is below:
Our world renowned Restaurateur has helped restore countless restaurants in the U.S. turning them into global successes. We are looking for all types of restaurants and owners that need our help.
• Is your restaurant hurting in this economy and you donʼt know why?
• Is there too much neighboring competition?
• Do you have feuding staff, bad ratings or reviews that need clearing up?
• Is your restaurant barely breaking even?
IN JUST 24 HOURS, our expert will work to renovate and restore your restaurant getting it back on track!"

Upon closer inspection, if you click the Apply Now button for the show, it has the URL -  As you probably know, The F Word is a Gordon Ramsay show that just finished its first season on Fox. When comparing and, you will see that the websites have a font and color scheme that are pretty much identical and both applications for people interested are hosted on

Also, in a recent interview with NY Daily News, Gordon Ramsay said he regretted ending Kitchen Nightmares and that the show would be back in some form.  He said, "The biggest demand over the last four years is for ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ (to come back) and what I am putting together is a return of something magical"  He also said his next project was "Way, way, way better than ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ but along those lines."

I think it is pretty obvious that the "world renowned Restauarateur" for this 24 hour restaurant makeover show is Gordon Ramsay and the "major network" is Fox.  We will have to wait to see what the official name of the show is and when it will premiere, but I will keep you posted.

UPDATE - This show ended up being 24 Hours to Hell and Back which will air on Fox.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Casa Roma From Kitchen Nightmares Has Closed

Casa Roma in Lancaster, California, which appeared on season three of Kitchen Nightmares has closed.  Casa Roma appeared on Kitchen Nightmares in 2010 and had a few name changes since the show, but eventually the restaurant went back to the name Casa Roma.  The restaurant closed at the end of June 2017.  In May 2017, Casa Roma posted the following message on their Facebook page:
"As of July 1st Casa Roma will be closing their doors for good. It is going to be a very sad month. But things have come about that can't help but go this way. It's the next chapter in my life and I love and appreciate all of you who have stood by me and my family and business. Thank you to all of you."
From May through closing, Casa Roma tried to sell items from the restaurant such as pool tables, bar stools, and restaurant equipment.  They also put their license in escrow.  Looking at owner Nylah's Facebook page, it appears she may be planning a move to Mexico since the restaurant is now closed.

Casa Roma has now been marked as 'Closed' on the Kitchen Nightmares Update Page and this is the 9th restaurant (out of 11) to close from season 3 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Kitchen Nightmares - Burger Kitchen Update

Burger Kitchen in Los Angeles, California appeared on Kitchen Nightmares in November of 2011 and the restaurant was featured on two back-to-back episodes.  This post is to update what went on before, during, and after Gordon Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares visited Burger Kitchen.

  • Alan Saffron actually wrote a book called Gentle Satan: My Father, Abe Saffron
  • Here is an article about Abe Saffron's estate and Alan wanting his share of the estate. (Link)
  • Here is someone from Chowhound describing their experience on the show. (Link)
  • Burger Kitchen was supposedly under new management in August 2011, right before they appeared on Kitchen Nightmares. (Link)
  • Burger Kitchen closed in February 2012, just a few months after their Kitchen Nightmares episode aired. (Link)
  • Here were the Yelp reviews of Burger Kitchen, which weren't too good and averaged about 3 stars out of 5. 


It didn't take too long for Burger Kitchen to close after Gordon Ramsay visited for Kitchen Nightmares. This was one of the more controversial episodes that lasted multiple episodes due to the owners being interesting.  This restaurant is marked as 'Closed' on the Kitchen Nightmares Updates Page and you can visit that link for updates on all restaurants that have appeared on the show.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Barefoot Bob's From Kitchen Nightmares Has Closed

Barefoot Bob's Beach Grill in Hull, Massachusetts which appeared on season 6 of Kitchen Nightmares has closed.  It appears the restaurant closed sometime in December 2016 as that was when their last Facebook post was on their page.  The restaurant didn't announce they were closing and there isn't any information on why they closed, but they are marked closed on Yelp and other sites.

Barefoot Bob's dropped a lot of Gordon Ramsay's suggestions and changes after he left and they went back to their tiki theme.  Despite this, the restaurant still lasted for more than four years after the Kitchen Nightmares makeover.  Barefoot Bob's has been marked as Closed on the Kitchen Nightmares Update Page.