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24 Hours To Hell And Back - Fetch Bistro Update

Tonight on 24 Hours To Hell and Back, Gordon Ramsay is in Wichita, Kansas to try to save Fetch Bistro.  Fetch Bistro is a dog-themed, dog-friendly cafe which opened in 2016.  Fetch Bistro allows dogs to dine both inside and outside and is the first cafe in Kansas where dogs can dine inside.  While Gordon is there, he finds that the restaurant is in need of some major clean-up and that the concept needs some refining. 

Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Fetch Bistro since 24 Hours To Hell and Back and Gordon Ramsay made all of the changes to the restaurant (note - all reviews are post-makeover).

Positive Reviews:
  • "Our dog (obviously!) enjoyed coming here. He really liked the biscuits. We humans got the chicken and biscuits and were pretty disappointed (toughest chicken I've ever eaten) but the pepper biscuit was tasty. The chicken wasn't overcooked, it's as though it's not tenderized at all. We will probably come back and try the burger as that looked delicious at other tables. If we couldn't bring our dog here, we probably wouldn't give it another try, but the perk is worth a second chance. Service was just fine and the free roaming poodles are friendly."
  • "'m basically one of those creepy dog ladies who loves to bring her dog everywhere... so Fetch Bistro is perfect! I love the atmosphere. It is rare to be able to bring your dog into a restaurant. The owner's dogs will also be there to greet you. They bring a bed and water bowl for your dog. You can also go outside to the dog park area....I am surprised it's not busier. Wichitans, both two and four legged, get over to Fetch Bistro and have some delicious food and fun!"
  • "The dogs, the decor, the staff- all delightful but what you really want to know about is the food. My son in law and I had eggs Benedict. My daughter had a breakfast burrito. All of us had the friend potatoes o. The side. I'll start by saying the portions are huge. Easily could be shared between two adults. The fried potatoes were perfect, crispy and golden brown as well as perfectly seasoned. The eggs Benedict was delicious. The eggs had giant yolks so between the hollandaise sauce and the yolk my plate was perfectly drenched in goodness. My daughter's burrito was loaded with eggs, cheese and chorizo. Overall it's the best food I've had so far in Wichita. Can't wait to go back." 
  • "Food was excellent. Service was great and fast!!! While we didn't take our dogs, this is a great concept!!"
  • "This place is amazing!!! My mom and i were driving cross country, and ended up in Witchita for the night, this place popped up and we had to go and we are glad we did. I've never felt so welcomed with my dogs in any place before. The staff is friendly and kind. Everyone pets your dog and makes them feel right at home. The food is amazing, don't miss the potatoes and onions! Thank you so much Fetch Bistro for creating this amazing space!"
  • "When we were traveling in Wichita with our dog we were looking for a great place to eat and have our dog join us. Not an easy thing to accomplish. Imagine our surprise when we found Fetch Bistro. I had the breakfast burrito and my husband had the eggs Benedict. While our dog, Dolly, enjoyed her Bone Appetit as well. The good news is the food is so good you'll want to eat there even if you don't have a dog."

Negative Reviews:

  • "Sucks for dinner, even after chef Gordon Ramsay redid the place for his new show. Might be a good lunch place, but I had dinner there and am never ever eating there dinner again....They should just close after lunch. Nobody in the restaurant knows how to serve a draft beer, including their owners. You'll be paying $3.50 for a 16 oz glass that is half foam and half beer (stale beer... really, really stale beer). The dinner food is microwaved at best. It tastes like they are serving the same stuff they made four months ago when Ramsay was there and have just frozen it and reheated it. I'd rather eat a fried bologna sandwich than their $15 fish tacos that the Eagle wrote about... and I'm serious; that is not an exaggeration."
  • "Had high hopes the Gordon Ramsey intervention would make this local spot a success. The interior redesign is excellent, but it doesn't make up for awful food. I was served scrambled eggs so overcooked they were inedible - and served cold. Bacon with the burned side turned upside down in an attempt to disguise it? and greasy hash browns. While we were seated immediately and the people were friendly, there was a terribly long wait for the awful food to be served....We tried this place again after two earlier (pre Ramsey) trips. This was my last time here. Since I don't think this restaurant is viable, I look forward the it's replacement - probably by summer."
*Reviews from Yelp

Other News and Links:

  • This episode was of 24 Hours to Hell and Back filmed at the restaurant in November 2017.
  • Here is the Fetch Bistro website and Facebook page
  • Here are the Facebook pages of owners Pamela and Greg Buss.
  • Greg and Pamela Buss also owned another successful restaurant called Egg Crate Cafe, which they sold to work on Fetch Bistro.
  • Fetch Bistro is having a watch party for the episode tonight at the restaurant with a $20 buffet and a dress your dog like Gordon Ramsay contest. (Link)
  • Here are Yelp reviews and Tripadvisor reviews of the restaurant if you want to look at more.
  • Here is a 2017 article right after the makeover that describes all the changes to the restaurant.  They include a dog photo booth, new tables, fresh paint and an outdoor dog play area. (Link)
  • There was a lot of buzz in Wichita when the show was filming.  An article said producers of the show went to a dog park and asked dog owners if they were interested in being an extra on the show in exchange for a free meal. That article also said Fetch Bistro launched a GoFundMe before four months before filming hoping to raise $10,000 as the restaurant was "suffering financially due to equipment failure and unexpected expenses."  That fundraiser is no longer active. (Link)
  • A recent article where the owners talk about the experience on the show, they said producers emailed the restaurant asking if they were interested.  They estimate about $100,000 in upgrades were done.  The slogan for the restaurant was changed from "For the love of dogs and good food.” to “A place for people and pets.”  
    • The article also states that the Greg and Pamela have "built up some serious debt trying to make the restaurant work, and if the boost they’re hoping to get from the show doesn’t happen, they may not be able to keep the doors open."
  • The restaurant seems really excited about the episode and seem really happy with the makeover.  They have been all over the news and have been doing local radio interviews as well. They even have a blow up hot air balloon outside that says, "Ramsey renovated Bar & Bistro." - Gordon Ramsay's name is spelled wrong. (Link)


The reviews for Fetch Bistro after the 24 Hours to Hell and Back makeover by Gordon Ramsay are pretty positive.  There is a lot of local buzz about the appearance on the show and Pamela and Greg seem very happy with the makeover.  Despite the buzz, Greg and Pamela Buss have said they are still in debt and if the boost they are hoping to get after the show airs doesn't happen, they may have to close the doors.

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