Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Old Coffee Pot From 24 Hours to Hell and Back Has Closed

The Old Coffee Pot in New Orleans, Louisiana which appeared on season one of 24 Hours to Hell and Back has closed.  The restaurant closed in February of 2019 and owner Dustin Palmisano said in a local article that it was due to declining business and a street construction project that caused business to drop dramatically.

Dustin also said, "The Gordon Ramsay (expletive) didn’t help. That didn’t close me, no. But it pissed some people off.”  Dustin thinks the renovation done on the show drove off some of the locals that used to frequent the restaurant.

A local restaurant name Cafe Beignet with multiple locations in New Orleans opened in the Old Coffee Pot location.  They named their restaurant at this location Cafe Beignet at Old Coffee Pot.

The Old Coffee Pot has been marked as 'Closed' on the 24 Hours to Hell and Back Updates page.

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