Saturday, January 18, 2020

Vasi's Taverna From 24 Hours to Hell and Back Has Closed

Vasi's Taverna in Waterbury, Connecticut which appeared on season two of 24 Hours to Hell and Back has closed.  The restaurant closed in January 2020 and posted the following message on their Facebook page:

"Since February 2002, Vasi’s Taverna (formerly known as Vasi’s Restaurant and Bar), has been honored to serve the greater Waterbury area. Despite the support of our loyal customers and our efforts to rebrand over the last year, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors. We thank all of our loyal customers and employees for the great run we had.
If you have any question or concerns regarding our closing, please leave a message 203.755.3936 and we will return your call. Thank you all very much."

During the 24 Hours to Hell and Back makeover, Gordon Ramsay decided to rename their restaurant from Vasi's Restaurant and Bar to Vasi's Taverna and they did keep the name.  The restaurant closes after 18 years in business and a year after the Gordon Ramsay visit.

In a CT Post article, owner Vasilios Kaloidis said he closed after receiving an offer to be bought.  The deal ended up falling through, but he already told staff and returned deposits for upcoming events at the restaurant.  After that, he "didn't have the heart to reopen" and the restaurant remains for sale.  Vasilios also said he doesn't blame the 24 Hours to Hell and Back for closing and business increased a little bit after the show aired, then went back to normal.  Vasilios also went back to his normal menu based on customer feedback.

Vasi's Taverna has now been marked as 'Closed' on the 24 Hours to Hell and Back Updates page

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