Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kitchen Nightmares Series Finale

The series finale of Kitchen Nightmares will air Friday, September 12th at 9pm on Fox.  During this special episode, Gordon Ramsay will be revisiting some of the worst restaurants that have appeared on the show.

On this episode, Gordon will be visiting La Galleria(season 6) in Boston, MA to see if owners Rita and Lisa have kept up with his improvements.  Gordon also visits the Olde Hitching Post (season 6) in Hanson, MA to see if the owner Tom gave control of the restaurant to his daughter Andrea.

Another restaurant Gordon revisits is Prohibition Gastropub (season 6) in Everett, Washington.  The owner Rishi was a professional belly dancer, and he wants to see if she has given up dancing to focus on running the restaurant.

All three restaurants he is visiting are still open, and to see how all of the restaurants that have appeared on the show are doing, visit the Kitchen Nightmares Updates page.

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