Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chiarella's Ristorante From Kitchen Nightmares Has Closed

Chiarella's Ristorante in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which was featured on season 5 of Kitchen Nightmares has closed. Their last day of business was June 30, 2015 and they said they closed due to the landlord pushing them out after their lease ended.  Owner Dina Chiarella was quoted in a article as saying, "We're not closing because we want to close."  Dina also seems to be replying to people's negative comments about the restaurant on another local article  

It isn't know if Chiarella's will try to open elsewhere, but the restaurant hasn't posted anything about the closure on their Facebook page.

This is the 8th restaurant from season 5 of Kitchen Nightmares to close and the Kitchen Nightmares Update Page has been updated with this information. 

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