Wednesday, February 6, 2019

24 Hours to Hell and Back - Bayou on the Vine Update

On tonight's episode of 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Gordon Ramsay is in Kansas City, Missouri to try to save Bayou on the Vine. Bayou on the Vine is a family-owned and operated Cajun restaurant and the family dynamic at the restaurant is creating a challenging work environment.  There are two sisters "at war" and their constant disagreements and fighting are hurting the business.  The restaurant was renamed to Gadson's by Gordon Ramsay, but it appears the restaurant did not keep the name.

Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Bayou on the Vine/Gadson's since 24 Hours to Hell and Back and Gordon Ramsay made all of the changes to the restaurant (note - all reviews are post-makeover).

Positive Reviews:

  • "A taste of New Orleans in Kansas City on the corner of 18th and historic Vine Street, this quaint corner shop has a short menu that pleases. Jambalaya and red beans and rice are staples. However, I had the chicken wings with a caramelized glaze and Buffalo wing sauce. Fried to perfection, the wings were a delight. It was a very good meal with great background music. I really like this place."
  • "Love the Carmel wings and egg rolls. Very nice establishment for a nice night out or with the family."
  • "Enjoy the whole Dining experience. Ate the Catfish Po'boy Sandwich and it was delicious. Staff treat us great. Clean and great food."
  • "Great food, pleasant service and weekend music. Happy hour food and alcohol specials. Great menu including Cajun specialties. Large delicious desserts. Street parking. Negro leagues and Jazz museums located across the street."
  • "They have done some marvelous renovations! It's very cozy and welcoming. Their food was delicious! I enjoyed it much better than the buffet that they use to have. The service is always top notch. Pay them a visit... you won't regret it."

Negative Reviews:
  • "Service was terrible. Took 40 minutes to get a drink and only after I went to the bar. Then I ordered food and they brought the food with no silverware. Then when we asked for 2 sets of silverware, he came and brought me 2 entrees instead. Smh. What a joke. Stay away!! You've been warned."

Other News and Links:

  • The 24 Hours to Hell and Back makeover happened in November 2018.
  • Here is the Bayou on the Vine website and Facebook page.
  • The Facebook page makes the restaurant seem more like a bar as they have a lot of advertisements for live music and drink specials.
  • There is a cover charge policy at Bayou on the Vine when there is a band playing.  If you are already there before the band starts playing and you want to hear the band, you owe $5.  If you come after 6:30, there is a $10 cover change. (Link
  • Here are the Yelp reviews, Tripadvisor reviews, and Google reviews for Bayou on the Vine.


The reviews for Bayou on the Vine since the 24 Hours to Hell and Back makeover with Gordon Ramsay are pretty much all positive.  People seem to love the food, the atmosphere, the live music, and the renovations that were done.  The restaurant seems to be in a good location in the jazz district and they try to get more customers with their live music and drink specials.  It seems that the restaurant quickly went back to the name Bayou on the Vine and does not go by Gadson's.

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