Wednesday, March 6, 2019

24 Hours to Hell and Back - Social Update

On tonight's episode of 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Gordon Ramsay is in Costa Mesa, California to try to save Social.  Social is a gastropub that is located in a very competitive restaurant market.  While Gordon is there, he will transform Social with renovations, a fresh new menu and hope for the future.

Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Social since 24 Hours to Hell and Back and Gordon Ramsay made all of the changes to the restaurant (note - all reviews are post-makeover).

Positive Reviews:

  • "Wow! This place is fantastic. My husband and I went looking for a happy hour place and although it was 5 pm, the ambience was nice. We ordered their old fashion and it was exactly how I like it. After a drink we order their wings and burger. Boy oh boy. When we got the burger it looked pretty plain and sad. Don't let that fool you- it was the best burger I had anywhere! The bun melted in your mouth and the meat was to die for."
  • "Celebrated my friends birthday here and they accommodated a group of 16 without a problem. I ordered a gunslinger- bourbon drink and ordered the buffalo cauliflower, it was amazing! I also ordered the shishito peppers which were also amazing with a side of aioli. Such a cute place, and a cute ambiance."
  • "Chilaquiles were AMAZING!! Wagu skirt steak and eggs unbelievably AMAZING !! "
  • "The staff, service, & food/drinks were great! Spencer made sure to take care of us and made sure I enjoyed my birthday celebration. We were a group of 8 so we decided to share entrees and ordered almost everything on their menu. The food is so good! And the drinks were amazing. I definitely plan on returning and recommend this place to everyone."
  • "If you want a burger this is the place to go. Hands down best burger in the area!!! We started off with the buffalo chicken wings, amazing. Crispy and flavorful but not tooo spicy! Loved them. The French fries also were delicious! Prefect crisp and amazing garlic aioli!"
  • "Fun ambiance & even better tasting food! Can't go wrong here with their drive thru burger that was delectable! Just amazing cooked perfectly & has a fantastic taste to it! Along with the avocado toast, it was pretty tasty too! Great place for brunch and mimosas! Will be back to check out the coffee & dinner :)"

Negative Reviews:

  • "I would not recommend coming to SOCIAL if you are looking to have a great time for dinner, especially if you have a big party. You will leave this place exhausted with no time left for other plans for that night."
  • "The food and drinks here are worth 4 stars. The reason I am leaving three stars is because of the bad service. I've been here about 4 times and each time our waitress neglected us.....Cool place, good food and drinks, awful service which can be fixed by management."
  • "Great drinks (when they do come because it takes forever). Good food. T E R R I B L E service !!"
  • "Went here for my boyfriend's birthday and I was honestly disappointed by the service. The wait was forever and I also saw other people that came in after us get served first and leave before we did. Also two male waiters seemed to be quarreling in front of us which I thought was really unprofessional. The food was good but I don't think it was particularly the greatest."

*Reviews from Yelp

Other News and Links:

  • The 24 Hours to Hell and Back makeover happened in December 2018. 
  • Here is the Social website and Facebook page.
  • Here are the reviews for Social from Yelp (3.5 stars out of 5, over 900 reviews), Tripadvisor (4.5 out of 5, 41 reviews) and Google (4.3 out of 5, 385 reviews).
  • In February 2017, Social hired a public relations company to "provide a wide scope of public relations, marketing and social media support to promote the many exciting initiatives SOCIAL has in the pipeline" (Link)
  • In August 2017, SOCIAL Costa Mesa partnered with Thunderking Brewing to create Thunderking Coffee Bar, which is located inside SOCIAL.
    • Thunderking has great reviews with a 4.5 star out of 5 star average on Yelp. (Link)
  • After Gordon Ramsay did the makeover in December, Social asked their customers which menu items they would like to see return to the new menu. (Link)


The reviews for Social since the 24 Hours to Hell and Back makeover with Gordon Ramsay are mixed with most of the positive reviews being about the good food.  There seem to be some issues with service that will need to get worked out.  Also, the reviews for Social before Gordon Ramsay visited were not too bad either.

The update at the end of the show said a 2nd Social location is planned in Huntington Beach, California.

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